YouTube Star Publicly Fat-Shamed for the Second Time in Under Two Months

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All Christine Sydelko wants to do is make people laugh, which is good because she’s one of the funniest people around. But just because the YouTube star is super confident and acts like she gives no f*cks, doesn’t mean people have the right to treat her with disrespect. It was less than two months ago that strangers made fun of her for using a seat belt extender on a flight and now, unfortunately, she was publicly fat-shamed someone else.

The comedienne recently posted a picture in which she said she looked like both “a toddler and an old man.” EL OH FREAKIN’ EL.

Honestly, can’t un-see. While she obviously used her appearance as the butt of a joke, one random Twitter user took things WAY too far and said her weight was the reason she looks that way.

Christine quickly replied and (rightfully) called the troll a “literal monster.”

“I don’t use my weight as a punchline ever and don’t f*cking send me a picture of the 300 tacos we used them for a video F*CK YOU,” she continued.

Body-shaming is never acceptable. Period.

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