YouTube Star’s Reaction to Being Publicly Fat-Shamed Will Break Your Heart

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Christine Sydelko is known for her ‘No BS’ attitude and funny personality, but the YouTube star is still a real person with real feelings, just like the rest of us. While the 23-year-old YouTube star promotes positivity and good vibes on the Internet, she was recently forced to endure some serious bullying IRL.

The YouTuber was on a Spirit Airlines flight back from Playlist Live in Orlando, Florida, on Sunday, when she was not-so subtly criticized for her weight. Apparently, she asked for a seat belt extender before the plane took off and “old ladies” made fun of her as a result.

While the former Viner made the situation into a joke and changed the subject by distracting people with a picture of a cute baby, she later got real and admitted that the blatant fat-shaming did, in fact, affect her greatly.

Christine is SO right — it’s important to feel your feelings, even if you try your hardest not to let hate get to you.

“I always give myself 5 minutes to be upset about something and then I get the f*ck over it,” the comedienne eventually tweeted.

Always remember that words and actions can hurt, no matter who you are.

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