Disturbing Details About the Man Who Murdered Christina Grimmie Emerge

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Christina Grimmie’s tragic death was one of the most shocking and heartbreaking things to ever happen in Hollywood. And now, just shy of a week since the Voice star was shot and killed at a post-concert meet & greet, insanely disturbing details about the man behind the act have begun to emerge.

Police identified Christina’s killer as a man named Kevin Loibl shortly after she passed away, but couldn’t immediately figure out what motivated him to commit such a horrendous crime. And while authorities still have a long way to go before coming to a conclusion about what exactly was going on his his brain, they have apparently began to uncover some chill-inducing clues.

TMZ reports that according to his Best Buy co-workers, the 27-year-old was so obsessed with the singer that he physically altered his body so that she would “someday be his wife.”

“He went on a mission to change his appearance for her and, toward the end, got hair transplants and Lasik eye surgery,” the site reported after speaking with various people who worked with the murder. “He also went vegan to lose weight.”

Apparently, Kevin saw the 22-year-old in concert back in March and bragged to his colleagues that he “met her” and “played online games with the singer,” even though they actually “never had contact.” The Best Buy workers also claim that they would tease the suspect because Christina had a boyfriend, which apparently “enraged” him to no end.

Our hearts are heavy, but in the wake of this terrible tragedy, let us remember all the good times we had with Christina throughout the years.


Remember Christina Grimmie, and all the other lives gone too soon: