Christina Grimmie’s Family Makes Statement About Las Vegas Shooting

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The news of the horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas that left at least 59 people dead and 527 injured shocked and devastated the entire world. The Grimmie family, however, was particularly affected by the attack, as their daughter, Christina Grimmie, was murdered by a gunman after a concert in June 2016. The fam released an emotional statement about the event on the Voice alum’s Twitter page last night.

“We are beyond devastated to hear of last night’s tragedy in Las Vegas,” the statement read. “Our hearts, thoughts and prayers go out to all the victims and the family and friends of those who were taken last night. We truly understand what these families are experiencing and hope to help in some way.”

Christina was shot and killed by a 27-year-old man named Kevin Loibl who was allegedly so obsessed with the singer that he physically altered his body so that she would “someday be his wife.”

According to TMZ, the murderer’s Best Buy co-workers said “he went on a mission to change his appearance for her” by getting Lasik eye surgery, hair transplants, etc. He apparently also told them that he and the 22-year-old met after a previous concert and subsequently “played online games” together.

We can’t even imagine the overwhelming emotions the Grimmie family, and all the thousands of other families who have been affected by gun violence, must be feeling in the wake of this senseless tragedy. It’s pretty incredible that the Grimmies are, however still doing their best to give back and help those who are currently in crisis.

We are still mourning the loss of the nine teens and one child who died in the Manchester terrorist attack about four months ago: