Digitour, Day 5! Christina Grimmie Takes New York City! (Exclusive)

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It’s the fifth and final day of Digitour for Christina Grimmie and she ended the tour with a bang in the best city ever — NYC, of course. And between failing at hailing a cab and playing games backstage with her band, it seems like Christina had quite a ball in the big apple. And we’re thinking that she was in such a good mood that she decided to surprise all her fans who have been following her along on this tour and watching her Teen.com vids

So, what’s the surprise? Click on to find out and to see what Christina did during her last day on tour!

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Watch the vid below!

By the way, get the tour dates and tons more info on Digitour (and Christina Grimmie!) on the tour’s official website.

Ya hear that? Christina said whoever favorites/comments on this vid has a shot at winning her autographed shirt! So comment below!