Christina Aguilera Shows Demi Lovato Love During “Fall in Line” Performance

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Demi Lovato spent her entire childhood looking up to Christina Aguilera, which is why she almost couldn’t contain herself when she got the chance to collaborate with the pop icon on the song “Fall in Line.” The singers eventually formed a solid friendship, and the 37-year-old wants the 26-year-old to know that she has her back during this tumultuous time.

The blonde performed at the Curaçao North Sea Jazz Festival over the weekend and, of course, did an epic rendition of “Fall in Line.” While Demi, who is currently in rehab recovering from a drug overdose, was not there to sing her parts of the tune, Xtina still made sure to include her in the gig.

As the tune came to an end, the “Genie in a Bottle” songstress shouted, “Love you, Demi!!”

Christina was not one of the countless celebrities who came on social media to show their support to DL following the overdose, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t reach out at all. Selena Gomez recently confirmed that she privately contacted the Sober crooner after her hospitalization, and we have a feeling Chris did the same.

D.Lo is obviously focusing solely on recovery at this point and probably isn’t checking social media at all, but it’s still so nice to see the people who mean the most to her showing their love and support in a public manner.