Instagram Model Tells Security Guard to Kill Himself Because He’s “Ugly AF”

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Twitter (@ExtraBurns)

Twitter (@ExtraBurns)

Not gonna lie, you probably had no idea who Christian Burns was up until this point. The 19-year-old could technically be considered an Instagram model, boasting just over 20,000 followers on the social network, but compared to other influencers who have MILLIONS of fans, he’s pretty low on the totem pole. The YouNower gained quite a lot of attention over the weekend, however, for basically being the most disgusting human on the planet.

The teenager was attending VidCon 2017 when he decided it would be a good idea to absolutely berate a security guard for allegedly putting a convention attendee in a chokehold.

“I’m famous, you’re not… I have a lot more money than you,” the teen could be heard saying to an unidentified guard. “You’re not famous. You’re irrelevant. You’re ugly. I’m attractive as f*ck. I make a lot of money. You do not treat a human being like a dog, dude. You’re ugly as f*ck.”

The man tried to get Christian to back away, but the social media star would not stop the verbal abuse.

“You deserve to die…like, crucified. What the f*ck is wrong with you, you ugly piece of sh*t? You’re ugly as f*ck and irrelevant. Kill yourself. Get the F*CK out of my face. You are a peasant. Dude, you’re blue collar as f*ck. You make no money. What are you wearing? You’re disgusting. Kill yourself.”

Since the video came out, CB has received tons of attention, which we’re sure was his ultimate goal. Unfortunately, the response was far less positive than even a d-bag like him could want and he has, as a result, deleted his Instagram page.

We don’t even have words to accurately describe our reaction to Christian’s verbally abusive behavior. Disgusting. Unacceptable. Horrifying.

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