Christian Bale Chats With Young Cancer Patient About Batman

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Christian Bale has a heart of gold. The star of the Batman trilogy recently used his celebrity for good, as he called up a young cancer patient named Zach, and talked with him on the phone for around 10 minutes. Of course the hot topic was Batman, but according to Zach, he’s the real batman, not Bruce Wayne.

The phone call started off with Christian asking a nervous Zach to tell him about himself, to which a woman (not on camera) prompted the adorable 8-year-old to tell Christian about his passion for the Caped Crusader. In fact, Zach likes to tell people that he is Batman so much so, his brother actually believes he is Batman. When Christian heard this, he let out a hardy laugh and said, ‘That’s great!”

They also talked about the Batmobile and costume that hospital-stricken boy made, which led to Christian saying, “They didn’t let me keep mine, I had to give it back,” adding, “You’re lucky you get to have one.” The two talked about a number of different topics, and when the phone call was over Christan told Zach talking to him “made” his day.

Check out the full conversation below.

This isn’t the first time Christian has given back to those in need. After the Aurora, Colorado shooting during a midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises back in July, Christian went to visit some of the victims in the hospital. Also, last fall, he flew out a cancer patient to spend the day with him and his family at Disneyland.

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