Nice To Meet You: Christian Artist, Jimmy Needham!

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Before Katy Perry became a huge pop star, she was a Christian gospel singer. Just like this week’s Nice to Meet You, Jimmy Needham! Jimmy’s music and overall vibe has a bit of a religious slant, but even if you’re not into the whole spiritual thing, you’ll like him. Sure, because he’s cute, but also because his music reminds us of Drew Seeley meets Michael Buble. Very romantic, guys.

Click on to get more deets on Jimmy’s new album, “Clear the Stage” (buy it here!), his celeb crush, and his fave music-related TV show. It’s all below!

Tell us about your new album!
Jimmy: My new album is called “Clear the Stage.” It’s my 4th record and I’ve never had more fun making an album. It’s very diverse musically. Soul, hip-hop, folk, etc…

Tell us about a defining moment in your childhood. Can be funny, sad, silly, whatever comes to mind!
J: When I was a junior in high school, I performed in our talent show. It was my first time to play guitar and sing on a stage. I sang a Third Day song called “Thief” and won Grand Champion that night. It was a big moment for me to see such an overwhelming response from the crowd. In some ways it was the catalyst for what I am doing today.

So cool! What would you do if you weren’t making music?
J: I’d like to be a teaching pastor at a church or part of some mentoring program for teens.

What hidden talent do you have besides music?
J: I can hold my breath for 3.5 minutes. 🙂

Impressive! Which artist would you like to cover one of your songs?
J: Michael Buble. He can sing better than me and sells more records too. It’s a win-win!

Which artist would you like to collab with?
J: Jon Foreman from Switchfoot or Andrew Peterson.

Do you have a celebrity crush?
J: Yes. Miss Piggy.

Good choice. Any pets?
J: No pets. Had a German Shepherd. Then had a baby. Then sold the Shepherd. The End.

Aw! What’s your favorite TV show?
J: The Sing Off. Acapella. Acamazing.

Are you on Twitter?
J: Yes! @jimmyneedham

Check out the music video for Jimmy’s first single off Clear The Stage, “If I Ever Needed Grace.”

What do you think of Jimmy’s music? Who do you think he should collab with?

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