11 Big-Named Celebrities Chrissy Teigen Brutally Dissed

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Okay guys, let’s just be clear about one thing — Chrissy Teigen is the absolute QUEEN of Internet trolling. You can’t deny it, even if you’re not her biggest fan. The 31-year-old has tons of haters because she’s super outspoken about a variety of things (body shaming, politics… you name it), but she always makes sure they don’t get the last word. And that, our friends, is why we love her SO freakin’ much.

But, sometimes, the model takes her ~eccentric~ tendencies a step further by not limiting her trolling to Regular Joes online. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again — celebrities are not impervious to anything, and, in this case, “anything” equals Chrissy Teigen’s clap-backs. This, as you can imagine, is super entertaining. For us, that is. But usually, the victims of her shade sessions don’t feel quite the same way. We can’t blame them, though — if we were put on blast by John Legend‘s wife, we probably wouldn’t be too thrilled, either.

Sometimes, the celebs in question deserve her rage. Chrissy is pretty controversial by anyone’s standards, so it’s not unusual for her to be attacked first. However, there are also times when she simply can’t hold her tongue, and lashes out even though she isn’t (intentionally) provoked.

As you may or may not already know, CT’s digs usually come in the form of tweets, which are (luckily for us) both extremely accessible and extremely public. So there’s rarely a time when her feuds go unnoticed. Plus, we imagine it’s pretty hard to fly under the radar when you have over 6 million followers on Twitter and almost 14 million on Instagram. Must be #hard to be #famous.

Since we know you live for drama that isn’t your own, we dug around on our own stomping grounds (the Internet) for all the times Luna’s mommy absolutely wrecked other celebs. Does it smell like beef in here, or is it just us?