Chris Zylka Gives Lucy Hale a Public Apology via Twitter

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And they say chivalry is dead… After going on a heartbreaking rant about his break-up with his girlfriend of less than a year, Lucy HaleChris Zylka pulled a Kristen Stewart, and issued a public apology to his love. (Although, we’re sure the circumstances here are just a little different than that of KStew and Robert Pattinson‘s.)

In an ongoing message on Twitter, Chris poured his heart out to both the Pretty Little Liars star — who appears to be doing more than fine after the split — and his/her fans. Here it is from beginning to end:

So far, there’s been no word from Lucy’s end. But what’d you think of Chris’ apology? Was it wrong of him to tweet about their split in the first place? And are you sad to see them break up? Leave your honest opinions below!

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