Hottie of the Week: The Sexiest (Pretend) Bully Ever, Chris Zylka!

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The CW

You know how we’ve been putting themes on our Hottie of the Week posts the last few months (i.e. Hotties with tattoosfunny dudesmarried guys, etc.)? Yeah, well… we’re not doing that this week. The main reason: Chris Zylka‘s sexy enough to stand on his own. Not only does he light up our TV screens on The Secret Circle every Thursday night, he also plays bully Flash Thompson in The Amazing Spider-Man and he’s Lucy Hale‘s not-so-secret boyf IRL! For reals, that is one gorg couple.

But enough about who he’s hooking up with. Let’s get to the good stuff — steamy pics of Chris!

On a scale of 1-10, how smokin’ is Chris? Is he better looking with long or short hair? Do you think he and Lucy make a cute couple? And who should be our next Hottie of the Week? Be honest…

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