Why People Think a Vampire Diaries Hottie is Now a Single Man

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It looks like we may have the first celebrity breakup of 2017.

Actor Christopher Wood started dating his Containment co-star, Hanna Mangan Lawrence, after filming the short-lived TV show’s pilot episode in 2015. The pair often posted adorable pictures on Instagram together, but fans recently noticed that the 25-year-old recently decided to give her social media page an update, deleting most of the photos she had of her and the Vampire Diaries star. And you know what that typically means — a breakup occurred.

“Why aren’t you celebrating with Chris,” one user commented on one of the actress’ recent posts.

“Maybe because they aren’t together anymore. Are you too stupid to look at her profile and see has shes deleted all of the photos? Yes I’m guessing you are. Go away,” another replied.

There are SOME shots Chris left on the beauty’s Instagram page, but none that only feature the duo.

Our friends at JustJaredJr. also noticed the sketchy social media happenings going on lately and reached out to their reps to confirm or deny the news. Unfortunately, there has been no official word just yet, but we’ll keep you posted if anything comes out in the future.


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