Recent Infidelity Scandal Doesn’t Mark First Time Chris Sails Cheated on Queen

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Emotions are running high, as expected, following the news that YouTuber Chris Sails cheated on his wife, fellow YouTuber Queen.

“I messed around with other females,” he revealed in a recent YT video titled “DID I CHEAT ON QUEEN? (APOLOGY VIDEO).” “I’m not happy, not one bit. I talked to other females. Sometimes I just thought our relationship was going to end.”

“I’m at a loss for words,” she said in a separate video titled “I DON’T KNOW WHAT’S NEXT…” “He was unfaithful, and I need time to clear my head.”

Welp, guess she had enough time to wrap her head around the infidelity, because she took to YouTube again to vent her justifiable frustrations against her philandering husband. In a video called “GO AND TELL CHRIS THIS!!!” the 21-year-old woman says that, since the original reveal, she’s received more videos; more evidence of the 21-year-old prankster’s cheating.

“I’m seeing more proof in receipts just comin’ my way,” she exclaims in the footage.

But that doesn’t even cover half of the shocking details. In another video on the pair’s shared YouTube channel, the couple sits opposite each other, with YT stars Kway and LaLa acting as mediators.

Within the vid, titled “WHAT EVERYBODY WANTS TO KNOW!!” Queen reveals how she found out about Chris’ cheating (via Snapchat!), their current relationship status, plus the fact that this recent infidelity scandal doesn’t mark the first time Chris cheated on his wife.

LaLa asks, “Do you have a ballpark range as to how many times you had cheated on her?”

“I… honestly don’t know,” he admits while shaking his head.

He. Doesn’t. Know.

And, he wasn’t only looking for sex; he was looking for love & affection, too.

“I did kinda feel like our relationship was… you know, dying down,” he explains. “I felt everything was for social media. It’s kind of like I was looking for that [in] somebody else.”

As of right now, the pair’s still married and still living together because they have to keep their son, Chris Jr., in mind.

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