YouTuber Chris Sails Admits to Cheating on Wife Queen with Multiple Girls

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Chris Sails is canceled. The YouTube star, who got famous for making prank and vlog videos with wife Queen Sails and son Chris Jr., admitted that he cheated on his longtime love.

“I messed around with other females,” he revealed in a recent YT video. “I’m not happy, not one bit. I talked to other females. Sometimes I just thought our relationship was going to end.”

The 21-year-old said he cheated on his wife because it was “so hard” to have people all over the world looking up to him and viewing his relationship as #goals. “I can’t really point fingers,” he said.

Chris continued, “It was totally my fault and I just wanted to apologize to everybody that looked up to me and, first and foremost, my beautiful wife. She’s a queen in my eyes.”

CS believes, despite the fact that he cheated, Queen should still be able to forgive him because “relationships last…because of forgiveness.”

A few days after Chris posted his solo video to the couple’s channel, Queen uploaded her own vlog from an airport. She confirmed that her husband was a cheater and explained that she needed to take some time to herself.

“I’m at a loss for words,” she said. “He was unfaithful, and I need time to clear my head.”

While she remained fairly calm throughout the video, she did get a bit fired up while questioning Chris’ motives.

“How could you have such a beautiful woman? A family? How could you have that at home? A diamond at home? And you go out looking for fakes?
No other female, no matter how fat their butt is, no matter how long their hair is…No other female can do what I can do for him. That pisses me off so much. None of these females are worth losing your family.”

One of the ladies who Chris cheated with is an Instagram model named Hehleena Million. The girl made her OWN video saying she had no idea he was married and thought Queen was just his “baby mama.”

“He told me about all his tattoos, and how his birthday was very soon,” the model said. “We were going to travel to New York together. He told me he had the cash and that he felt a connection with me.”

Queen did say she wants to try to work things out with Chris, but as of now, we don’t know what’s going to happen.

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