Chris Hemsworth Talks Big Muscles And Why Girls Like Us Fawn Over Them (Exclusive Video)

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We’ll start off by saying this: When Chris Hemsworth first got on set for Thor, he was too muscular to fit into his costume. Rough life. And then we’ll continue by saying this: those muscles? They’re just as prominent in person. We sat down with the Aussie hottie (and Liam‘s big bro!) and when we we weren’t ogling over his hotness, we chatted him up about what he’d want to be the god of, stepping into the Thor costume for the very first time and why he thinks girls like guys who are “fit” but not necessarily as muscular as Thor. Uh, we disagree.

Click on to watch the vid (and hear his adorable Australian accent)!

Thor hits theaters this Friday, May 6! Do you like Chris’ muscles? Are you going to see him in Thor? Tell us in the comments!