O-M-Glee! Chris Colfer Is Going To Be An Author!

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While we wish Lea Michele the best of luck with her movie career, her Glee co-star Chris Colfer is getting quite the head start with his writing career. Not only is Chris, aka Kurt, penning a screenplay for a movie, but now he’s also signed a two-book deal, too!

So, what’s the deal with Chris’ book deal?!

According to EW.com, Chris will be writing two books for Little, Brown Books, the first of which is a fairy-tale like adventure novel, The Land of Stories, that’ll come out summer 2012. There’s no deets on the second book yet, though.

And about the writing process, Chris said:

“When I was ten years old, I promised myself that if I ever had the opportunity to write this book, I would jump at the chance. This book has been at the core of my imagination for a long time and I’m excited and nervous to share it.”

We’re excited to read it, Chris! Will you read Chris’ book next summer? Do you like celebs-turned-authors or no?! Tell us below!