From Our BFFs: Is Chris Brown The Next Justin Timberlake?

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He already rocked the music world, but it looks like Chris Brown is following in Justin Timberlake‘s footsteps… to the land of rom-coms. Really. [Cambio]

Now that Emma Watson‘s finally left Hogwarts, she’s moving on to bigger and better smaller and safer schools… [Posh24]

Miley Cyrus has a new man in her life! His name is Floyd and he’s majorly adorbs! Wonder what Liam Hemsworth thinks. [M]

Seems like everyone is gaga for Lady Gaga. Well, almost. Apparently one group had to censor a majority of her lyrics in their cover of “Born This Way.” But why? [Popdust]

Will Finchel go all the way? One of our fave gleeks talks about her character’s… chastity, on the upcoming season of Glee. [Wetpaint]

Our Another Cinderella Story fave Drew Seeley just got sick, he can no longer join the cast of 90210 next season! UGH! [Just Jared Jr.]

Pretty Little Liars heartthrob Jason Drew Van Acker confessed that he had a run-in with the law IRL! Well, we do love ourselves some bad boys. [Seventeen]

This One Tree Hill star not only has a new album, but a new music vid too! It would be wishful thinking for us to think it’s Sophia Bush, right? [JSYK]

In the middle of her Good Morning America interview, Paris Hilton stormed out. We know she’s Paris Hilton, but that’s just rude. Di-va! [Hollywire]

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