Chris Brown & Ariana Grande Are Getting Too Close for Comfort on Music Video Set

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A couple updates on the upcoming Ariana Grande and Chris Brown duet. First off, it seems like the title has been (unofficially) released by the "Yeah 3x" singer's hairstylist, JC Tha Barber. Apparently, he posted a picture of the music video's call sheet on Instagram, leaving the name available for the world to see. Though the photo has since been deleted, RyanSeacrest.com managed to capture a screengrab. Make room as the collaborative track will be called… "Don't Be Gone Too Long."

Next update: If you haven't been trolling Chris and Ariana's social media pages, you may not have seen the first look at their pending dance routine for the music video. Although it's a little too close for comfort for us, since we're not exactly feeling them as partners, here it is:

Instagram (@chrisbrownofficial)

As of last week, Chris is ordered to stay another two months in rehab due to previously undiagnosed PTSD and bipolar disorder; not sure where his collaboration with Ariana fits in.

Guess Mariah Carey's not such a big fan of Ariana Grande…

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