From Our BFFS: What Do You Think of Chord Overstreet’s Shorter, Darker ‘Do?

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Just days after Dianna Agron chopped off her locks, her Glee costar Chord Overstreet got a haircut, too! He looks nothing like Sam, but do you like his shorter, darker ‘do? [JSYK]

Ashley Greene compares the end of Twilight to high school. Yeah, Ash, except with way hotter people and, ya know, vampires. [J-14]

Rihanna‘s already filmed the video for her next single, “Man Down” and apparently it’s “dramatic and shocking and intense and emotional.” Can’t wait! [Popdust]

Even though she’s in the midst of a divorce, Ashlee Simpson is insistent on making a pop music comeback. Uh, good luck?! [Cambio]

Roshon Fegan, aka that hot guy from Shake It Up, has a brand new music video that he wrote and produced himself. Except unlike some other Disney stars, Roshon can actually sing. [Just Jared]

And his Skate It Up co-star Bella Thorne carries around a deck of cards in her purse, apparently. Hm, we guess that comes in handy during down time on set…[Seventeen]

Did Leighton Meester threaten to quit acting? We so KNEW Gossip Girl was dunzo! [Wetpaint]

Zac Efron talks about his number one passion — girls! theater! Cutest. Thespian. Ever. [Hollywire]

Guess what, guys?! Heidi and Spencer are back in the spotlight. Cue the cry for attention right about…now. [Posh24]

Best idea for summer? Bright eyes! Get the celeb inspired look with these easy-to-copy tips. [ElleGirl.com]

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