Chord Overstreet Reveals His Dream Girl (As We Ogle Over Him And Hope It’s Us)

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We started our week off on this dreary NYC Monday with a very nice treat — this eye candy in the form of Chord Overstreet from his new shoot for VMAN magazine, and we wanted to share the wealth with our loyal readers. But how could we not? Chord literally looks like he was plucked from an Abercombie & Fitch ad or something, with his Bieber-esque do and those to-die-for baby blues. Give us a second while we melt.

And, dear readers, you’re about to melt some more when you found out what kind of girl makes Chord melt…

BUZZ: Did Chord Overstreet flirt with Mila Kunis?

He told the mag he likes a girl who’s:

“Funny, sweet, likes to laugh, and is a good girl. She needs to have somewhat of a taste for country music. And she has to be from the South. She doesn’t have to be, but there’s nothing like Southern food.”

Uh, we’re totally booking a trip down to Texas, like, stat. Click through the gallery to see more hot pics of Chord!