O-M-Glee! Which Gleek Is NOT Coming Back Next Season?

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We already heard the devastating news that some of our fave gleeks will be graduating and thus not returning after season 3, but one of our faves isn’t even making it to season 3. Why, Ryan Murphy, why?! So which Glee fave willl be a guest star next season, rather than a series regular?!

According to TVLine.com, it’s Chord Overstreet! Harry Shum Jr (aka Mike Chang) and Darren Criss (Mr. Blaine Warbler!) have both been made series regulars, but poor Trouty mouth is now pouty mouth, and will only make a few guest appearances. No word on Ashley Fink (Lauren) yet, though.

What do you think of this news? Do you think Chord should’ve been made a full-timer, too? Or do you think his storyline was pretty much over? Spill it in the comments, gleeks!