Hotties of the Week: The Hotties You Might Never See on TV Again

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It’s a good thing that there’s a whole new crop of hotties on fall’s new shows like these guys, because some of our fave resident hot dudes are total goners. Guys like Chord Overstreet (Glee), Trevor Donovan (90210) and Connor Paolo (Gossip Girl) are all not coming back for the new seasons of their shows and there’s one main reason we’re upset — less eye candy for us to look at. So because you prob won’t see these guys on TV ever again (we’re kidding. We think), we made them our Hotties of the Week. Might as well get all the ab-staring in now before it’s too late, eh?

We think these pics can get you started:


Oh, and if you don’t remember how these guys got written off their shows, that’s all in there, too. Check out the slideshow below!