Wait a Sec…Is Chord Overstreet Coming Back to Glee After All?!

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There’s nothing more awkward than getting fired and then them being like “Oh, hey, actually we want you back,” which is pretty much what happened to Chord Overstreet and Glee. Except now we’re hearing that Chord wasn’t actually fired from the show — just that the “options to be a series regular wasn’t picked up” — and that good ol’ Trouty Mouth could be coming back for season 3 after all.

If you’re just as confused as we are, click on…

TVLine.com is saying that Glee actually still wants Chord!

“If Chord wants to appear on Glee, the choice is his. The Glee writers like his Sam character, and have plans to write for him. He and his reps have been told that he is welcome back to Glee, and everyone hopes he will show up on August 10 when filming begins.”

Plus, Chord could become a series regular if he does well in the first few eps of next season! Phew, that was a close one! Do you think that if Chord had the choice, he’d stay on Glee? Do you think the writers only want him back because booting him off had so much backlash? Tell us in the comments, gleeksies!