Look of the Day: Chloe Moretz is Tickled Pink

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Chloe Moretz is the most kick-ass 13-year-old on Earth, and not because she just starred in a movie of the same name. She has a knack for choosing dresses that are totally age-approp but still impossibly stylish, and her outfit at last night’s BAFTA Children’s Awards was no exception. The up-and-coming actress’s shift dress was playfully striped in pink, and her perfectly-matched lipstick really made the whole look pop.

Another reason why we love Chloe?…

Last week when MTV told Chloe that she’s one of the actors they’re most thankful for in 2010, her adorable response was, “Really? Wowers! Yayers! Yay-zies?”

Um, we’re officially adding yay-zies to our vocab! What’s your favorite new word, saying, or abbreviation of the moment? Share it below!