Nikki vs. Chloe vs. Kim vs. Lea: Who Rocked Their Mag Cover Best? (Pics)

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While we usually have to wait patiently to find out who will grace each of our favorite magazine covers, today we were definitely in for, like, the best surprise ever. FOUR of the best mags — SeventeenTeen VogueAllure, and Marie Claire! — released the names and pics of their December 2011/January 2012 cover girls today. And each of ’em just so happen to be Teen.com all stars!

While it would be nearly cruel to have you pick the best-looking one, we’re gonna have you do it anyway! So look at each lovely lady’s cover below, then choose your fave!

Nikki Reed on Seventeen‘s December/January 2012 issue

Chloe Moretz on Teen Vogue‘s December/January 2011 issue

Kim Kardashian on Marie Claire‘s December 2011 issue
Editor’s Note: These pics were taken pre-divorce. Awkward.

Lea Michele on Allure‘s December 2011 issue

Which magazine would you actually go out to buy? Who do you think looked the best (or worst!)? Vote for the most rockin’ cover, then tell us all the rest in the comments.