Why Chloe Grace Moretz Says The 5th Wave is Not Your Average YA Movie

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It’s only a matter of weeks until Chloe Grace Moretz hits the big screen, once again; except, this time, she’s kicking major alien butt!

This January, the 18-year-old actress, who you know quite well from Kick-Ass, Carrie and last year’s tearjerker, If I Stay, will star in the next greatest YA book-turned-movie, The 5th Wave. She’ll portray Cassie Sullivan, a survivor of four waves of fatal alien attacks. Her sole mission: save her younger brother.

Although we’ve yet to see the film, we’re already bracing ourselves for greatness, what with Chloe’s co-star, Nick Robinson, spilling the juicy details about the flick and the first footage looking absolutely IN-sane. Plus the fact that we spoke to the blonde beauty all about the upcoming blockbuster and it sounds epic. Yeah, there’s that, too.

That’s right, we recently caught up with Chloe at Z100’s Jingle Ball in NYC and could not contain our excitement for her next project. While we’re anxious to see pretty much every single scene come to life, Chloe narrowed her choices down just a bit. She told us, “There are a lot of scenes I really love in the project, and I think there are a lot of beautiful scenes between my character, Cassie, and her little brother, Sam.”

It’s those moments with her on-screen sibling that makes The 5th Wave not your average young adult film. She added, “I think that depiction is one that we don’t usually see in film, but we should. I like that it’s not just about a love triangle, but also about familial love and two people that love each other platonically. I think we need to see that more.”

As for the hardest-to-shoot moments on the set, she dished on those as well, “A lot of the scenes were difficult because we were filming in the middle of winter in Georgia. I was wearing a light jacket and it was snowing. Most of the times we were having to stay warm. I think every woods scene was really difficult.”

The 5th Wave, starring Chloe Grace Moretz, Nick Robinson, Alex Roe, Maika Monroe and Liev Schreiber, hits theaters on January 22.

Watch the official movie trailer for The 5th Wave:

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