Chloe Moretz is the Busiest Actress in Hollywood

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There are have been rumors swirling that last spring’s superhero comedy Kick-Ass will be getting a sequel, but either way, Chloe Moretz‘s career is totally kicking… well, ya know. She’s in the process of filming so many movies we can’t even keep up, but she still finds time to hit up fashion events, like last night’s Dior Illustrated event, looking unbelievably glam for just 13 years old.

Chloe’s offbeat filmography also includes rom-coms (500 Days of Summer), vampire flicks (Let Me In), and murder mysteries (the upcoming Hugo Cabret), which seems totally in line with the quirky acting roles chosen by the actresses she idolizes. Any guesses?

Chloe recently told Brit magazine Gratzia that she admires “Natalie Portman – you can tell she’s a genuinely nice person, she’s not fake. She’s so beautiful and an amazing actress… I also love Audrey Hepburn, Cate Blanchett, Kirsten Dunst. They’ve all made phenomenal choices and chosen love of good film over money – I think that’s the way to go.”