Chloe Moretz Doesn’t Just Want To Be A “Flighty Actor”

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Chloe Moretz is a big star — even her star-print dress says so — but don’t write her off as just another teeny-bop actress. She recently told the Telegraph, “I admire Audrey Hepburn. She’s my hero because she helped the world. I want to be there for people, not just be a flighty actor.” Coolest girl ever.

Find out what Chloe had to say about rom-coms and retail therapy!

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On favorite movies: “I’ve been in quite a few action movies and horrors. If I’m going to watch a film, though, I’ll probably choose a rom com.”

On being a teenager: “I cry, I’m a normal 14-year-old girl. Not because my nail broke or my friend betrayed me, but for family things, like when my poodle Bailey died. He was a cute doggie.”

On shopping: “Retail therapy is my thing. I love shoes. Lots and lots of shoes.”