Chloe Moretz Just Picked the Best (& Soon-to-Be HOTTEST) New Boyfriend

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Remember how everyone thought Noah Cyrus and Paris Brosnan were the actual cutest together (despite their young ages)? Come on, it's Miley Cyrus' baby sister with James Bond's son! Well, now there's a new celebrity couple that totally ousted them in the cuteness department: Chloe Moretz and… Brooklyn Beckham. Yes, as in David and Victoria Beckham's son!

According to Us Weekly, the 17-year-old Kick-Ass actress and 15-year-old, who's the oldest of the Beckham children, "were each others' crush" and have "gone on a couple dates and are seeing where it goes." The report adds, "They don't drive, so they had to be chaperoned around."

Supposedly, Chloe's planning to take the soon-to-be hottest guy ever (hello, look at his parents) to the premiere of her upcoming film, If I Stay, in a few weeks, so we'll all get to see how true this relationship is. (Fingers crossed!)

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