Chloe Moretz: Adorb as Usual at the ‘Harry Potter’ Premiere

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She’s known for playing super scary little girls (um, hello — Let Me In and Amityville Horror!), but Chloe Moretz was absolutely adorable as she walked the red carpet at the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows premiere in London.

Chloe’s style is always sweet beyond belief, but it turns out this this Kick-Ass actress does her own stunts. Seriously! We have the scoop…

Chloe recently told USA Weekend, “I did a lot of my stunts. A lot of the crazy flips like the one you see in the commercial where the guy jumps and he gets hit in the neck really hard and he does this crazy flip in the air, of course that wasn’t me. But I did four months of training for the movie and almost all my stunts.”