Ond of Your Favorite YouTube Beauty Gurus Secretly Got Engaged Weeks Ago

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Congratulations are in order! Chloe Morello started dropping hints that she and boyfriend Sebastian Maximiliano got engaged a few weeks ago, but the YouTube beauty guru finally confirmed the news with a picture of her stunning engagement ring on Instagram.

My beautiful engagement ring

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Fans first started to question whether or not the Australian beauty was preparing to become a wife when she casually referred to the hottie as as her ‘fiance’ on Snapchat back in mid-October.

While people asked if the pair was getting married repeatedly, the 25-year-old kept her mouth shut. Turns out, the brunette actually WAS engaged the entire time, but didn’t want to make any official announcements until her ring came back from getting resized.

Despite the fact that Chloe is obviously SUPER happy with Sebastian, some people are still asking her questions about her ex-boyfriend Jack Ducommun, who frequently appeared in her YouTube videos back a few years ago.

Congratulations to Sebastian and Chloe!!

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