Chloe Lukasiak Reveals Why This Season of Dance Moms Will Be Different

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She’s baaaaaaaack…

Chloe Lukasiak is returning for the upcoming 8th season of Dance Moms. Squee! And, lucky for you (and us), we caught up with the wickedly talented dancer at the 2017 Teen Choice Awards this past weekend to get some fresh details on what we can expect from the show.

According to Chloe, this season is going be TOTALLY DIFFERENT from the show’s previous seasons. (Considering Abby Lee Miller is no longer with the show and is currently serving a year in prison, we kiiiinda expected that… but we’re excited nonetheless!)

Chloe dished on her excitement to be back with the Dance Moms cast and explained what makes this new season so different from the others, telling us, “It’s very different… We have a new teacher, Cheryl Burke — she’s incredible! It’s new vibes and it’s gonna be really different. I keep saying that, but it is… Definitely a lot more lighthearted and less like, ‘Let’s just kill each other with our words.'”

Chloe’s mom, Christi, echoed her daughter’s excitement over the upcoming season, admitting that it’s less about the moms and more about the girls this time around. She also confessed to us that she thinks “it’s the best season ever!”

Well, with rave reviews like that, we’ll definitely be tuning in! (As if we weren’t already going to, LOL!)