Chloe Kim Wins Gold But Everyone Just Cares About Her Hangry Tweets

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Olympic snowboarder Chloe Kim is literally all of us. Well, minus the fact that she’s a gold medalist, of course. It’s barely been a week since the 2018 Winter Olympics started and the United States has already racked up three gold medals and the team’s latest addition was all thanks to Chloe.

While the 17-year-old from Long Beach, California started making headlines for her incredible skills, amazing performance and essentially being the youngest female snowboarder to win an Olympic medal, it didn’t take long for people to notice her hangry tweets and say #relatable.

It all started in the middle of runs at the qualifying round of the women’s Olympic snowboarding half-pipe competition; Chloe hopped on Twitter to let everyone know just what she was in the mood for:

And about a day before her ice cream tweet, the 17-year-old gave some pretty solid churro advice for calming nerves:

Well, who doesn’t eat churros when they’re nervous? Or any junk food for that matter, are we right? On TOP of those food-related tweets, Chloe tweeted about being super hangry shortly before her big win:

However, the athlete’s relatable hangry tweets weren’t the only thing that caught the public’s eye. During her competition, many people caught sight of Chloe’s dad cheering her on with a homemade, LAMINATED sign and it’s safe to say there wasn’t a dry eye in the world:

Seriously, how could you not get emotional after seeing an adorable and loving sign?! Not to mention in an interview with Today‘s Hoda Kotb, Chloe’s father — who is an immigrant, by the way — called her his “American dream.” Okay, somebody get us tissues because we are CRYING.