6 Times Chloe Grace Moretz Was Caught Having a Wardrobe Malfunction

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If you haven’t seen Chloe Grace Moretz’s name in the news lately, you probably haven’t been looking hard enough. The 20-year-old actress doesn’t only have a lot going on in her career — a November Criminals release with Ansel Elgort and an I Love You, Daddy cancellation in the face of Louis CK‘s sexual assault allegations — but in her love life as well. She and 18-year-old Brooklyn Beckham are one of our fave on-again, off-again celebrity couples that’s currently on. As in, so on-again that there have been recent engagement rumors after both were spotted in New York City wearing rings on certain fingers.

As if that wasn’t enough to have her on everyone’s radar, the blonde is also incredibly outspoken in the media. Whether she thinks that one of her movie ads is appalling or that the public spends too much time obsessing over the Kardashian fam, she’ll say what’s on her mind. Talk about #nofilter. She’s gotten into it on Twitter with Khloe Kardashian and once told Kim Kardashian she isn’t setting the right example for young women. Ouch!

With all this going on, it’s no surprise CGM isn’t in the news too often for her wardrobe malfunctions — but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t experienced any over the years. They’ve just all been mostly overshadowed and forgotten about because of bigger controversies. Lucky for you, that didn’t stop us from digging a little deeper and rounding up every time this child star stepped onto the red carpet or into the public eye wearing something questionable.

And we’ve got to say, considering Chloe has been acting in feature films for more than a decade — a.k.a. over half of her life — she’s managed to keep her outfits together for the most part. We gotta give her major props!