Chloe Moretz Gets Restraining Order on Stalker Who Claimed to Be Her Fiancé

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Many celebrities, particularly females, unfortunately have to deal with terrifying stalkers as a consequence of their fame. Chloe Grace Moretz has been dealing with a man harassing her online for quite some time year, but the situation was taken to another level when he showed up at her house a few days ago. Luckily, the a judge realized that the situation was serious and granted the 20-year-old a restraining order.

TMZ reports that CGM got the protection against a man named Terry Daniel Quick, who she believes to be mentally ill and dangerous. Court documents reveal that he followed her from Los Angeles International Airport all the way to her home on November 29, rang the doorbell and actually got her brother to answer. He told the man to leave, and that’s when Chloe called 911.

Officers arrested the suspect, who told them he was engaged to the actress, when they arrived at the scene.

Also in November, the man allegedly trailed the blonde and boyfriend Brooklyn Beckham to a concert and a club.

Chloe says she is frightened of Terry because not only has he been following her repeatedly, but he’s also known for proclaiming his love for her on social media, calling her his “wife” and “love of his life.” He’s posted several scary notes on Twitter, one that included a picture of real blood, she claims.

TDC was ordered to stay 100 yards away from Chloe and have no contact with her, her mother or her brother.

The November Criminals star had to call the cops on a different obsessed fan back in March. A teenage-looking boy showed up at her L.A. home with a box of cookies that he claimed to be selling. He apparently talked with her neighbors beforehand to confirm that it was her house, which they found suspicious, prompting her to dial 911.