Despite Getting Hate for Slut-Shaming, Chloe Moretz Stands by Kim K Criticism

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Kim Kardshian’s most-recent naked selfie inspired tons of other female celebrities to post their own body-confidence pictures. But while many stars stood by the 35 year old’s decision to go nude on social media, one young celeb did not. Chloe Grace Moretz felt that Kim should be letting her fans know that they “have so much more to offer than just [their] bodies,” leading the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star to fire back with a series of feisty tweets herself.

And even though the 19-year-old actress received a ton of hate for slut-shaming Kanye West’s wife, she’s still standing by her comments.

“All I’ll say is that I think a lot of things can be misconstrued in a lot of ways,” she told Elle. “And I think if people open their minds more, and they try to look deeper into something than just something that is a very big, hot, fiery button to hide behind…I think if people looked into something bigger that I was trying to speak upon, they wouldn’t be so easy to fire back silly, miscellaneous things.”

The 5th Wave star then went on to discuss the difference between Kim’s nude Instagram and her own Nylon Magazine cover, on which she’s also naked.

“I mean, I think that’s also a lot more based on artwork, so that’s a little bit of a different conversation. Like, if I’m talking to a photographer, I’m talking to a stylist, I’m talking to a makeup artist, we’re kind of creating and collaborating and making something that is artwork and is special and is different. Yeah, it’s representing myself, but it’s also not representing myself, because it’s a character piece. So, I think that is a big difference. On social media, like on Instagram and stuff that I post, and the way that I view myself, and portray myself on there, that’s definitely a much more personalized take. I’m not collaborating with people to make that, it’s my own social media platform in which I’m — it’s not a character, it’s just me.”

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