Chloe Bennet Thinks People Should Forgive Logan Paul for His “Mistakes”

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Logan Paul has made a LOT of mistakes throughout his career, including pulling out his camera and filming a the dead body of a man who committed suicide. The YouTube star has been called out by, like, everyone in the world, but girlfriend Chloe Bennet doesn’t think we should be so quick to ~cancel~ him without giving him a chance to prove he’s remorseful and made a change.

The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. star tells Entertainment Tonight, “Logan and I connected on a level, on a significant level early on. I think that, people make mistakes and if you can’t have room to grow from a mistake and if you can’t forgive people despite changing, I don’t think, really, we have anything. I think growth comes from making mistakes.”

The 26-year-old actress first got close with the 23-year-old last July, which means she’s been by his side through ALL the drama.

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“She never turned her back on me, she didn’t publicly shame me, and she didn’t hop on the ‘I Hate Logan Paul’ bandwagon…” the YouTuber said of his GF last month. “Instead, she stuck her neck out for me, risked her career and personal friendships, and chose to help me grow as a human being & educate me on how to use my platform more responsibly…”

Logan also asked fans not to hate on Chloe for her support or chastise her for his past mistakes.

He continued, “And to anyone giving her a hard time, please do not hold Chloe accountable for MY actions in the past; instead recognize her efforts to help me become a better man & do good on this floating rock.”