16 Childish Things We All Do But Are Too Embarrassed to Admit

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Being a grown-up is overrated. Yes, being independent is awesome, but most days I just want someone to give me a juice box and let me nap. No shame in that! I do plenty of childish things that I don’t completely tell everyone about because I don’t want to be judged. But really, eff that. Kids are the best. If you want to see people living their best lives, who forgive easily, and get excited about small things, go hang out with some children. They have it figured out.

So here’s to embracing more childish things — even if you secretly tell no one. Being childish brings you joy, happiness and momentary whimsey and, honestly, who doesn’t need more of that? When you start caring about being cool (so, third grade?), you start rejecting being childish to separate you from the “babies.” You aren’t a baby — you’re cool!

But let me tell you a little secret: no one’s cool. If you’re being real about it, no one’s cool deep down. So yeah, be a baby. Get your life, get your dino chicken nuggets, and get into your fort. Here are 16 childish things you don’t tell anyone about (but maybe should start inviting your friends to do these with you, because these things are awesome):

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