8 Actresses Who Took On Roles That Were Waaay Too Mature

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Hollywood is spilling with a need for child actors, which is why, everyday, there are droves of families flocking to Hollywood with their bright-eyed tike in tow, looking to land the next big role. Usually, they end up drawing Mickey Mouse ears during commercial breaks on the Disney Channel (and informing you that you are, in fact, watching the network).

But sometimes, ~serious~ Hollywood gets a hold of them and they end up cast in a film that basically only adults want to see. That is, some films starring very young child actors are only allowed to be seen by adults, due to their inclusion of material that’s not really recommended for kids. It’s almost no wonder that so many young stars act older than they actually are, nowadays.

But what is one to do about the innocence of said child actors who are cast in super-mature roles? Well, you can ask any of these eight actresses who had that exact thing happen to them: