The Truth Behind All of Those Liam Payne-Cheryl Breakup Rumors

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Like the rest of his fellow One Direction members, Liam Payne has proven to be a success in his solo career. Most recently, the 24-year-old collaborated with Rita Ora on the duet “For You” for the Fifty Shades Freed soundtrack and it was FIRE.

However, the one major downside to his success is that he doesn’t have much time to spend with his nearly 1-year-old son, Bear Payne, or Bear’s mother, baby mama Cheryl… which has led to many breakup rumors in recent weeks.

According to The Sun, his success and their 10-year age difference are taking a toll on their two-year relationship. “There’s a big age gap between them,” the site reports. “If they didn’t have Bear, then they would have most likely split up by now.”

“But they love their son,” The Sun continues. “And they do care for each other, so it’s now a matter of seeing if there’s a final way forward to try and make it work.”

Other outlets, like Perez Hilton, are going so far as to say that the singer is seeking a divorce lawyer (even though they’re not married)) to figure out how to mend this rough patch. “Liam has sought some legal advice, but he still wants to make it work,” Perez writes. “It’s sensible to be prepared for all options. With a young son and a number of assets between them, there is more to breaking up than just parting ways. He hopes it doesn’t come to it, but he’s just being careful.”

Welp, we guess that’s all moot for right now ’cause, according to the 34-year-old Girls Aloud alum, she and Liam are doing just fine.

While visiting her hometown of Newcastle, Cheryl was questioned by one member of the paparazzi, asking, “Are you and Liam okay?”

Cheryl’s response: “Yeah, great.”

“None of that (speculation) matters,” she said during a separate incident.

There you have it, folks.