Have Some ‘Swagger Jagger’ This Halloween with Cher Lloyd Costumes

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Figuring out what to be for Halloween can be a struggle. You want something fun and creative, but not something that’ll break the bank. (You’re only wearing your costume once, ya know?) That’s why we’re so thankful for Cher Lloyd. Her unique and always-changing outfits that we love ohsomuch have helped inspire some great costume ideas for trick-or-treating:

 Raggedy Ann
Red moppy wig (or in Cher’s case, actual dye), old-style blue outfit… All you need to add are the red-and-white striped socks and she’s the perf to play Ann.


Marilyn Monroe
Cher’s modern take on MM’s famous white dress is such a fabulous costume idea for those that want to be classically cute.


 Rainbow Brite
We wonder if Miss Brite was inspiration for Cher’s Today Show performance outfit or if the similarities are just coincidence…


Cher’s proof that you don’t need blonde hair to look like a Barbie.
(You just need tanned, perfectly- toned legs…)


Girlfriend to a Dillon Panther
Need a quick and easy costume? Throw on a cute accent while sporting your (fake) boyfriend’s letterman jacket and pretend you’re from Friday Night Lights (may it RIP).


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