Fans Think Charlie Puth Put Selena Gomez in “How Long” Music Video

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Charlie Puth may now be dating Danielle Campbell, but that doesn’t mean he’s over Selena Gomez…at least, that’s what fans think.

The 25-year-old singer released the music video for his new song “How Long” yesterday, and eagle-eyed viewers noticed something pretty ~interesting~. Toward the end of the vid, Charlie can be seen standing in front of an illustration of a girl with long, brunette hair, singing the lyrics, “She said, ‘Boy, tell me honestly / was it real or just for show?'”

While the portrait doesn’t have any defining characteristics, fans think it’s supposed to be a reference to the “Fetish” crooner, who CP was rumored to be dating in late 2015.

“How Long” is literally about a guy cheating on his girlfriend and then trying to justify it by saying that he was drunk, it didn’t mean anything, it only happened once, etc. Here are some of the lyrics:

I was drunk, I was gone, that don’t make it right, but promise there were no feelings involved / I’ll admit, it’s my fault, but you gotta believe me when I say it only happened once

But Selenators aren’t annoyed with the meaning behind the song and the fact that Charlie possibly admitted that he cheated on Selly; they’re upset because Selena’s clearly OVER the “See You Again” singer, but he simply won’t leave her alone.

YIKES! Sure, Sel is known for having gorgeous brown hair, but so are a million other girls…

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