16 Super Inappropriate Tweets Fans Actually Sent Charlie Puth

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Charlie Puth may have an album coming out this year — Voicenotes, May 2018 — but it’s starting to seem like some people are more focused on his dating life than his music. We can’t blame them for that, though. The guy often finds himself in the middle of a lot of drama, what can we say?

Besides his big reveal last week about the Selena Gomez fling that messed him up, Charlie also found himself in the middle of Bella Thorne and Tyler Posey‘s breakup last year. And in 2015, he made out with Meghan Trainor on stage and sparked a ton of rumors. Hard to keep up, but we do our best.

But following along with your top celebrity crush as he hangs out with other girls can be torture, and some fans REALLY want their turn already. Unfortunately, these ones in particular just chose the most NSFW way possible of expressing that on Twitter. Prepare yourself — the X-rated content is just a scroll away.

1. Good to know.

2. Good luck with that.

3. That’s not how that works.

4. Way to dream big.

5. Smooooth.

6. That’s gonna be a hard pass.

7. DEAD.

8. Cool story, bro.

9. Oh my…

10. Or not.

11. LOL.

12. Ew, ew, a million times ew.

13. Come on, guys.

14. Too bad.

15. In your dreams!

16. Thanks for that image.