6 HUGE Movie & TV Roles We Almost Got to See Charlie Hunnam Play

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Fifty Shades Freed came out this month and if you’re a huge Jamie Dornan fan, count your blessings because he almost wasn’t in the franchise at all. That’s right, a bunch of other guys came crazy close to snagging the lead part opposite Dakota Johnson instead, including Charlie Hunnam. The 37-year-old actor is most well known for his roles on TV shows like Sons of Anarchy and in movies like King Arthur, but he’s been on the brink of even bigger breaks time and time again.

Fifty Shades of Grey wasn’t the first major film he missed out on, though. In fact, you’ll never believe which iconic superhero Charlie almost played, not to mention which award-winning HBO show he almost made an appearance in. So if you didn’t already know who this British actor was, get ready because he isn’t letting any of these rejections stop him from a successful acting career!