Congratulations! One of Your Favorite YouTube Couples is Now Married

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Charles Trippy is a married man…again! The 32-year-old YouTube star married girlfriend Allie Wesenberg over the weekend in a stunning ceremony. He wore a maroon suit and she donned a fitted white gown with a delicate flower crown.

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“Last night I got the honor of marrying the most beautiful, selfless, funny person I’ve ever met,” Charles wrote on Instagram.

The couple’s wedding was packed with TONS of fellow Internet celebrities, including Philip and Lindsay DeFranco, Shay and Colette Butler (guess he’s out of rehab and they’re NOT divorcing??) and Michael Buckley. You can see some of them in Charles and Allie’s wedding vlog:

While the 30- and 32-year-old’s relationship is all sunshine and rainbows now, it wasn’t always that way. The couple started dating in May 2014, just one month after the We The Kings bassist announced he was getting divorced from his then-wife Alli Speed. Many people thought the new romance happened WAY too soon after the separation and therefore accused the man of cheating.

“When [Alli and I] were together I was 100% faithful,” he tweeted following the allegations. “This is sad. Point blank, I did NOT cheat while we were together. Being separated doesn’t mean what u do next is cheating. If u think that then that’s dumb.”

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Trippy!

Believe it or not, it’s not rare for a celeb couple to start dating when one person is still married: