You Can Be in Charice’s New Music Video. Yeah, You! (Exclusive Interview)

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If you’ve ever obsessed over a celebrity and followed their every move, well then you know just how we feel when it comes to Charice. Whether we’re watching her bust it out as Sunshine on Glee or YouTube’ing her every concert performance, the same thing is always going through our mind: How cool would it be to meet her? Epic (Just in case you were wondering…).

And now you actually can! Read on for an exclusive interview with the cutie singer to find out how you can hang with Charice and be in her new music video!

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Now through May 23, 2011, you can enter ACUVUE’s 1•DAY Contest at facebook.com/ACUVUE for a chance to win a trip to L.A. and star with Charice in her new music video for “One Day”. Additional winners will have their photos featured in the video, win contact lenses and more! Get all the deets (and official rules) now.

Teen: Your new single is called “One Day”. What are the goals you still want to accomplish one day?

Charice: To be a really great actress. The acting thing is so new to me!

Teen: What’s the message behind the song?

Charice: It’s a really great message about not letting anyone hold you down.

Teen: You recently sang Celine Dion’s “All By Myself” on Glee. What did you think when they gave you that song?

Charice: I was a little nervous but I was so excited when I found out this was the song I was singing. It’s one of my favorites!

Teen: What are your summer plans? Do you get to relax at all?

Charice: I’m taking a two week vacation but I haven’t decided where yet!

Teen: What three places are on your must-visit list?

Charice: Tennessee, Nantucket, and L.A.

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