From Our BFFS: Is Charice Joining the Glee Summer Tour?!

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In a new interview, Charice spills on her Glee BFF and the possibility of her joining their summer tour! Yes! This has to happen. [Seventeen]

Justin Bieber covered Selena Gomez’ “Who Says” at a concert! Hm. And we thought our boyfriends taking us out to dinner was romantic. [JSYK]

Adam Irigoyen from Shake It Up considers himself to be “the male version of Selena Gomez.” Can’t decide if that’s cool or creepy. [Just Jared Jr]

Lady Gaga is totally just like we were in high school; A ‘loser.’ Except probably with much weirder clothes than we’ll ever have. [Hollywire]

Speaking of Gaga, the video for “Judas” will premiere on an upcoming ep of American Idol! Guess FOX is cool with making political statements on national TV, eh? [4TNZ]

Guys, Britney Spears and Nicki Minaj are totally BFFs. Looks like that’s what going on tour together will do to you. [Popdust]

Could the princess of pop aka Beyonce be singing at the princess’ wedding? How hilar if she sang about putting a ring on it… [Posh24]

We never really thought so before but come to think of it, Secret Life and Teen Mom actually have a lot in common. Do you agree? [Wetpaint]

Words of wisdom from Hayden Panettiere? Don’t get a tattoo while in a foreign country because it might get messed up. Um, ya think?! [Cambio]

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