TV Characters We Can’t Believe Were Played by the Same Peeps

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Do you ever notice the same actors popping up on more than one of your fave shows? One day they’re living the life in New York’s Upper East Side and the next they’re working at a restaurant in The Hamptons a la Connor Paolo. Oh, the life of an actor. We’ve made a list of our favorite stars that we have grown to love in roles that are completely different from one another. Bet you didn’t know about half of these…

Zach Roerig as Cash on Friday Night Lights and as Matt in The Vampire Diaries
He went from playing a cowboy with a gambling problem to a big-hearted high school student trying to make sense of a town full of vampires and werewolves. While bad boys have their appeal (especially hot cowboy ones), it’s so much easier to love Zach as the good guy in Mystic Falls.

Connor Paolo as Eric van der Woodsen on Gossip Girl and as Declan on Revenge
While we loved Eric in his Constance Billard School uniform, we love seeing Declan doing manual labor in a muscle tee even more!

Torrey DeVitto as Melissa on Pretty Little Liars and as Meredith on The Vampire Diaries
If Meredith will shoot Alaric, who knows what she’ll do to Stefan and Damon! Let’s hope she leaves Mystic Falls alone and spends more time in Rosewood.

Jerry Trainor as Crazy Steve on Drake & Josh and as Spencer on iCarly
While Crazy Steve worried about his shift at the Premiere Theater, watched Dora the Explorer, and sang the song “She’ll be Coming Around the Mountain” to calm himself down, Spencer has a bit more on his plate (like taking care of Carly!).

Britt Robertson as Lux in Life Unexpected and as Cassie on The Secret Circle
We love that Lux was reunited with her biological family, but who wouldn’t want to have magical powers? Amirite?

Samantha Boscarino as Skylar in Good Luck Charlie and as Molly in How to Rock
We liked Samantha as the lovable (though not too smart) Skylar that dated Brock, Spencer, and PJ on GLC. But now, she’s so easy to hate as the leader of The Perfs  and a thorn in Kacey’s side on H2Rock. Peace out, Girl Scout.

Blair Redford as Ty on Switched at Birth and as Ethan on The Lying Game
Ty was so cute and genuine as Bay’s love interest, but we all have a soft spot for the bad boy, Ethan.

Tammin Sursok as Siena on Hannah Montana and as Jenna in Pretty Little Liars
While we loved Tammin as the cute bikini model and Jackson’s long time girlfriend, we can’t get enough of her as the suspicious blind girl at Rosewood High School!

Are you shocked that some of these roles were played by the same peeps? Which of these characters is your fave? Be sure to tell us in the comments below!

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