YouTube Star Channon Rose is Pregnant Again After Suffering Multiple Losses

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If you’ve been following YouTube star Channon Rose‘s journey to try to get pregnant, you’ll know more than anyone how badly she and husband Travis Dean want a baby. The couple has been through hell and back to start a family, including an ectopic pregnancy, and they had one more shot with an IVF frozen embryo transfer. Drum roll, please — the 32-year-old is pregnant!

Channon and Travis caught the moment when the nurse called with the good news on camera and, as you can probably imagine, it’s incredibly exciting and emotional.

“Oh my god we’re f*cking pregnant, babe!” the blonde exclaimed as she hung up the phone.

But while she’s obviously super excited to be expecting and have a “strong pregnancy,” she’s still extremely nervous due to her hardships in the past.

She explained, “I feel like anybody that’s gone through a miscarriage, or an ectopic pregnancy, or anything traumatic with pregnancy, when they do get pregnant again they probably are very cautious and panicked and nervous. I think that that’s normal.”

“I am extremely happy,” the 40-year-old added. “I’m very, very happy. One day at a time. It implanted, the numbers went up and doubled two days later — it’s all really, really good stuff. It’s the farthest we’ve gone with this fertility [journey].”

Travis and Channon had the embryo transfer about a week and a half ago and were waiting with bated breath to find out the results ever since.

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The YouTuber wrote, “For most women when they do IVF they are lucky enough to get multiple embryos in case the first or second try doesn’t work. We were blessed with just one embryo & we are praying so hard that this will bring us our baby we have prayed so long for. If you pray please say a prayer for us, we could use all the support, prayers and love we can get right now. I hope this is our time. For anyone else going through this struggle you are not alone. We are strong & we can do this.”

We’re so happy for the parents-to-be!!